Productos & Servicios
PROCESS EQUIPMENT FOR PAINT AND COATINGS INDUSTRYPROCESS EQUIPMENT FOR PAINT AND COATINGS INDUSTRY Agitation, grinding, filling solutions. Project expertise. Installation and start-up. PROCESS EQUIPMENT FOR OILS AND FATS INDUSTRYPROCESS EQUIPMENT FOR OILS AND FATS INDUSTRY Extraction, refining, oleochemical, special plants. Project expertise. Installation an start-up. 4-pharma.pngPROCESS EQUIPMENT FOR PHARMACEUTICAL AND COSMETIC INDUSTRY Liquids, pastes and solids processing: agitation, mixing, wet-milling. Reactors, heat exchangers. Vacuum dryers. Complete process solutions. 3-smazochnaya.pngPROCESS EQUIPMENT FOR LUBRICANTS AND GREASES PLANTS Blending systems: ABB, SMB, ILB. DDS, manifolds and pigging lines. Filling solutions. Project expertise. Installation and start-up. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND INSTALLATION WORKSINDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND INSTALLATION WORKS Concept, basic and detailed engineering. Turn-key solutions. Adaptation of industrial projects data to the regulations of Russian Federation. ON-LINE ANALYSIS FOR REFINERIES AND PETROCHEMICAL PLANTSON-LINE ANALYSIS FOR REFINERIES AND PETROCHEMICAL PLANTS NIR analysys. Fuels blending and additives input optimization. Crude oil management. Steam cracker optimization. Bio fuels. tanks.pngTANK FARMS Volumes from 500 l till 500 000 l. Process and storage tanks. Loading cells, agitation, cleaning and heating systems. TINTING SYSTEMSTINTING SYSTEMS Automatic and manual dispensers for DIY market. Shakers and gyromixers. Colorants for deco and industrial tinting systems. Colorlab service. FILTRATION SYSTEMSFILTRATION SYSTEMS Bag filters housings. Bag and cartridge filters. Filter bags. Automatic self cleaning systems. Membrane filters. PUMPSPUMPS Industrial pumps for all types of liquid products. LABORATORY EQUIPMENTLABORATORY EQUIPMENT Scientific material and specialities for quality control on industrial production, laboratories, research and innovations areas. WAIST OIL AND SOLVENT RECOVERY SYSTEMSWAIST OIL AND SOLVENT RECOVERY SYSTEMS Washing machines and solvent recycling systems. Waste water treatment units. Plasma tubular reactor waste oil treatment plants. Project expertise. 7-Floks.pngSUPPLY OF RAW MATERIALS Dry powder organic and inorganic pigments. Colorants and pigment dispersions. Aluminium siicate. Colourflakes. COLOR CARDSCOLOR CARDS Standard and personalized color cards and fan decks from all the major color systems: RAL, PANTONE, NCS. Creation of private name color collections. CARENTENANCECARE We feel responsible for passing on technical knowledge and operating know-how to all who work with our equipment.